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Reasons Why I Love You

Why Are Gas Prices So High

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Why Do Cats Purr

Why Do Men Have Nipples

Why Do Girls Wear Thongs

Why Do People Smoke

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Why Men Cheat

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We all have burning questions that we feel desperately need to be answered. Some questions may be about very practical issues in our lives, such as how to fix something or why our computers do not work faster. For such questions, we need solid, practical advice on how to solve problems. Even physical objects effect our emotional well-being, and finding answers to these questions is essential to our comfort.

We might have necessary questions about our relationships. There are questions that seem only indirectly related to us but which we ask because we want to understand people in our lives. Questions such as “Why men cheat” are not questions asked out of outrage, necessarily, but are questions we ask when we want to know how to comprehend another’s behavior so we can better address a problem.

Then there are questions which might seem a bit eccentric, but which uncover fascinating aspects of nature and the human psyche. The questions “Why do men have nipples?” or “Why is a fire engine red?” seem to have little practical application in the real world. However, through answering such questions, we discover, for instance, the fact that nature is trying to tell us something about parenting or that some of our traditions are as ingrained in us as human nature.

As the best teachers say, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.” And we observe that the smartest questions ask “Why”. The same is true of adults. And sometimes we find that, through answers, more questions arise which shed light on human nature and the physical world. It is only when someone stops asking questions that they stop really learning and growing, and it is particularly these “why” questions that can bring to us the most crucial revelations. This site is designed to answer some of those “whys” whether are geared toward dealing with everyday life or are speculations that arise during a sleepless night.

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