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Why Do Girls Wear Thongs?

We’ve seen them in department stores. Those things in the women’s underwear section that look like slingshots. Sometimes it seems that underwear departments only have thongs. For those who like the old-fashioned feminine equivalent of “tidy whities”, the proliferation of thongs is puzzling. They might wonder “why do girls wear thongs, anyway?” Why pay the same price for half the underwear? And anyway, it is very hard to fit a maxi-pad on those threadlike backs.

Those who ask “why do girls wear thongs?” may be surprised to know that it isn’t only because thongs are somehow enticing. They can also serve a practical purpose. With thongs, a girl never has to worry about the seam of her underwear showing underneath a tight skirts (however, slips can also prevent this as well as avoiding wearing skirts that give the body more room to breathe). One may also ask “Why do girls wear thongs when you can’t fit a maxi pad on them?” They usually wear tampons, and at night, when they wear pad, they switch to old-fashioned underwear. In the summertime, girls might find thongs more comfortable than regular underwear.

There are as many good reasons to wear old-fashioned underwear rather than thongs. The latter can leave women feeling exposed, and thongs are a poor choice in the wintertime. Thongs also do not provide very much support and, if one is just a bit out of shape, it can expose every movement of that extra flesh that tends to appear on the hips. Even if a woman feels that she is in good enough shape to wear thongs, they can bunch up and are uncomfortable at times. At the end and the beginning of a period, there is usually some discharge and a need to wear a minipad. A thong cannot support even a mini-pad and can cause embarrassment.

The question remains “Why do girls wear thongs?” when the advantages are limited and regular underwear has stood the test of time? They may have some appeal, but they are not even seen. Most girls who wear thongs switch to regular underwear later on.

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